patent break valves

Patent Siphon Break Valves

SME break valves are used as swift shut-off mechanism in siphonic pipelines and installed at top positions. They are very important part of the system in terms of safe use of stopping the water from pooling the diselectrified pumps which is likely to destroy the impellors.

SME siphon break valve include open-type model HX-DP and sealed-type model HX-QP serving where water transfer needs to be cut off by breaking siphon state in the pipeline.

Patent Siphon Break Valves

Hundreds in Service for Shipyards, Sewage Treament Plants Throughout the Country.

Standard Siphonic Pipeline Layout

Construction and Principle

siphon break valve construction

SME siphon break valve is constructed with five greater segments:

  • Water Compartment joining pipeline;
  • Upper Compartment open to the air;
  • Main Electromagnetic Controlling;
  • Secondary units, and
  • Electric control panel.

When electrifying and switching to close the valve to achieve siphonic power, disc and seat is sealed when shaft moves to the direction of main electro pack under force from both main and secondary electromagnetic sets. In reverse as to stop or break the siphon flow, valve is opened by separating disc and seat when stem is pulled back to the direction of the secondary electromagnet with the energy-load shaft spring on power supply disconnection.

Control panels can be set either at locale or remote positions. In addition, SME siphon break valve is equipped with an emergency latch. In the event of malfunction with electricity, the valve can be operated by hand, air in and out through the broken sight glass when necessary.

Air Move Before → After Siphon Break