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Our culture from Wenzhou production congregation

To understand the manufacturing orientation of Wenzhou. Wenzhou inherits the superiorities of traditional industries, renovates and upgrades it with high and new technology and spurring on industrial modernization with information technology. Wenzhou has formed a complete industrial production system covering machinery, electricity, chemicals, ship-building, electrical power, building materials, light industrial products and textiles, foodstuffs, tanning, plastics, warehouse, superior steel and arts and crafts.

Wenzhou boasts many featured products, including shoes, apparel, electrical equipment, lighters, optical glasses, auto parts, valves, stainless steel, stationery, locks, synthetic leather, toys and playgrounds, packaging machinery, packaging bags, plastic machinery, sanitary ware, printing services and promotional gifts etc. Their production bases are laid out in Lucheng District (鹿城), Ouhai District (瓯海), Longwan District (龙湾), Rui’an City (瑞安), Yueqing City (乐清), Cangnan County (苍南), Pingyang County (平阳)and Yongjia County (永嘉), which are all county-level administrations under Wenzhou.

Lucheng District, Ouhai District and Longwan District serve as main urban areas of Wenzhou. In Lucheng and Ouhai, there are numerous manufacturers for shoes, optical glasses, lighters and apparel. In the Industrial Zone of China Shoes Capital, you will be amazed at so many shoes factories there. Also, these two districts have the majority of Wenzhou’s suppliers for apparel, optical glasses and lighters, though the industry of lighters is undergoing a tough time these years.

Longwan District, where Wenzhou Airport is located, has many different industries, including stainless steel, valves for sanitary use, sanitary ware, stationery, synthetic leather and locks, some of which you can also find in Ouhai District.

Yueqing City is most famous for its electrical equipment. If you go to Liushi, a township under Yueqing City, you will see advertisements of electricals everywhere. Yueqing is also the birth place of many famous electrical brands in China, like CHINT, CNC and PEOPLE etc.

Rui’an City is in the south of Wenzhou, where there are many factories for auto parts and packaging machinery. A township called Tangxia gathers most suppliers for auto parts. Also, it is called a production base for cloth and injection shoes.

Yongjia County is famous for its Nanxi River, a hot tourist spot in Wenzhou. Well, the county also gives birth to many competitive industries, including valves in its Oubei Town, playgrounds in its Qiaoxia Town and buckles, buttons and zippers for shoes and apparel in its Qiaotou Town.

Pingyang County and Cangnan County are the most southern parts of Wenzhou, where you can find a lot of factories for promotional gifts, packaging bags, labels and plastic machinery which are used to produce plastic bags, and printing services.